Chicken Wot

Tender Chicken marinated in lemon, sauteed in seasoned butter & slewed in red pepper sauce, flavored with onion

Chicken Alicha

Chicken simmered in a mild sauce of butter, onions, ginger and turmeric

Lamb Tibs

Cubed tender lamb sauteed with onion, rosemary, tomato, jalapeno pepper, served with salad & spicey awaze sauce

Lamb Tibs Firfir

Cubed tenderlamb sauteed with onion, tomato, green pepper mixed with indiana sauce



Yebere Lega Tibs

Beef chunks sauteed in butter seasoned with onions, green peppers, rosemary and black pepper

Quanta Firfir

Beef jerky fried with enjera, mixed with berbere sauce, onions, red peppers and spices sauteed in butter

Juicy Zilzil Tibs

Strips of tender choice beef sauteed with onions, exotic herbs, berbere sauce and other spices.

Yogen Tibs

Prime short ribs sauteed with onion, tomato, fresh garlic and japaleno.



Vegetarian Combo

A combination of everything on the vegetarian section

Shiro Wat

Importedchick peas seasoned with fresh garlic, berbere and Ethiopian spices

Yemisir Wat

Lentils simmered in a spicy hot berbere sauce

Fish Tibs

Ethiopian style fried fish. Well done with your choice of side salad or rice